Hearing Technology Married With Smart Functions

Revolutionary Hearing Technology Married With Smart Functions By Mathias Maegerle, Phonak Marketing Communication Manager Built with revolutionary hearing technology solutions, Phonak Marvel™ hearing aids provide unmatched hearing performance, speech understanding and sound quality. But, the features don’t stop there. Marvel was developed to effortlessly connect people with hearing loss to the world around them. It connects […]

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New Phonak T-coil Models Offer Universal Connectivity

New Phonak T-coil Models Offer Universal Connectivity By Nicole Klutz, Au.D., Phonak Audiology Manager  Phonak is committed to provide leading hearing technology without compromise. With Phonak Audéo™ Marvel, hearing care providers can feel confident offering a love-at-first-sound experience with the only hearing solution available that is truly universally connected. As of February 2019, our Marvel family […]

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Hearing Aid Smart Solutions

Hearing Aid Platform Offers Smart Solutions For Everyone

Hearing Aids Platform Offers Smart Solutions For Everyone With the introduction of the Naída™ B and Sky™ B portfolios of hearing aids, the Phonak Belong™ platform is complete. What does that mean for your patients? “We’ve created smart solutions for your patients built upon a strong hearing technology foundation.” —Scott Witt, Phonak Director, Product Management […]

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Phonak Audéo B-Direct Commercial

Customize new Audéo B-Direct commercial

Many hearing care professionals have asked for a customizable, broadcast-ready television commercial and a digital format for their websites and social media to communicate to patients that Audéo B-Direct is the only direct-connect solution for all Bluetooth-enabled cellphones. The brand-new “Seamless” TV commercial and digital format are now ready for you to use. Getting started […]

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Phonak Rechargeable Cases

Mirrored stickers available

Mirrored stickers available for Phonak Charging Cases Mirrored stickers for Phonak Charing Cases are now available to order for free on the Phonak Store. You can fit the stickers into chargers your existing patients own. Available in multiples of 8, use part number 025-1178. Please only order what is needed for your patients. Newly delivered […]

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