How Does SoundRecover2 Help Children and Teens?

Whether 13 months or 13 years, everything in a child’s world is novel. Having clear access to speech sounds is critical. SoundRecover2 provides as much high-frequency audibility as possible for children and teens. And unlike other manufacturers’ high-frequency compression strategies, you do not need to turn off other advanced features to activate.

How is each frequency range addressed? SoundRecover2

The frequency range is divided and managed in three separate areas.

Our non-compressed output range is everything below the first cut-off (CT1). All output information below this cut-off frequency remains as is, just like in the original SoundRecover approach.

There is an additional cut-off frequency called CT2. Sounds occurring between CT2 and the maximum output frequency (called fOutMax) are high frequencies that will always be compressed to provide access and benefit, also like in the original SoundRecover approach.

It’s the region between CT1 and CT2 that has been improved with SoundRecover2. This area contains low- and mid-frequency information (e.g., vowel sounds) and is where SoundRecover2 is adaptive.

The output from this region is conditional and dependent on the sound coming into the system. When there’s significant low- and mid-frequency energy, this region is protected and unaltered to maintain the familiarity and naturalness of low, and mid-frequency sounds.

However, when there’s significantly more high-frequency energy present, compression begins at the lower cut-off frequency (CT1), giving access to the high-frequency sounds that may not be audible without SoundRecover2.

How does SoundRecover2 impact language acquisition?

Recent research in children looking at performance on the CNC Word Recognition Test as well as the UWO Plurals Test showed improved detection and recognition of speech sounds with SoundRecover2 compared to the original version of SoundRecover.

Click here to read more about the study.

How do I verify SoundRecover2

We created a best practice protocol for verifying and fine-tuning SoundRecover2. Click here to read more on best practices.

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