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Roger Technology: An Ageless Hearing Opportunity

No matter your patient’s age, Roger technology significantly enhances hearing, especially in noisy situations. However, not all hearing care professionals are discussing the technology with their patients, which puts them at a potential disadvantage.

“Today’s hearing aid technology does an excellent job of improving speech understanding,” said Erin Robison, Au.D., Phonak Product Marketing Manager. “However, even the most powerful hearing aids have limitations — especially in noisy places or at a distance.”

In such cases, state-of-the-art wireless microphones systems are required to boost performance and bridge the understanding  gap. This is where the Roger digital wireless portfolio truly excels.

Going Beyond the Hearing Aid

Phonak introduced proprietary Roger 2.4 GHz wireless technology, in 2013, setting a new benchmark for hearing in noise and over distance by transmitting a speaker’s voice directly to the listener.

“Even the most powerful hearing aids have limitations — especially in noisy places or at a distance.” —Erin Robison, Au.D., Phonak Product Marketing Manager

The current portfolio consists of microphones and receivers that function by picking up the voice of a speaker and wirelessly transmitting it to the listener while reducing background noise. “You can clearly hear speech in meetings or social gatherings, making hearing a pleasure,” said Robison.

Roger also assists pediatric patients so they too can have the best hearing opportunities whether they’re at home, at school or in social situations.

“Better hearing sometimes needs to go beyond just a hearing aid or cochlear implant,” said Rebekah Cunningham, Ph.D., Phonak Business Development Manager, Pediatrics. “With Roger, kids can hear their absolute best, and parents/caregivers will see more success.”

Enhancing Patients’ Lives

There are many different scenarios in how Roger technology can enhance the lives of people with hearing loss, according to Robison. For example:

  1. Work environment: Modern work life is highly demanding, especially on people’s ability to communicate. “Meetings often cause hearing difficulties for people with hearing loss,” said Robison. “Some of the main obstacles are due to side conversations, surrounding noise or the distance between you and someone at the other end of the table.” Roger Table Mic II is a microphone dedicated for working adults who participate in various meetings.
  2. Social environment: Many people with hearing loss would love to hear well and understand speech in busy social settings. “In these situations, Roger is the ideal solution to help you stay connected regardless of the listening situation,” said Robison. “Roger Select is a versatile microphone ideal for stationary situations where background noise is present, such as restaurants.”
  3. Home environment: At home, a Roger microphone reduces distracting background noise, like the rattle of kitchen equipment or the blare from a TV.  “This allows you to fully enjoy conversations with family members and friends,” said Robison. “Roger Pen is a handy microphone for various listening situations. Thanks to its portable design, it can be conveniently used over distance and in noise. It has wide-band Bluetooth for phone calls.”

Cunningham shared that while many parents and teachers see the benefits of Roger in school, the technology also has benefits in the home and in social settings. “With its three microphones and six beams, the new Roger Select is ideal for noisy dinners, kids’ playrooms or even in-home day cares,” she added.

Who Is a Candidate for Roger?

Robison said that candidates for Roger technology include patients who:

  • Express hearing challenges at work and are concerned that their hearing loss is impacting their performance at work.
  • Express they would like increased clarity with the TV, cellphone, landline phone or multimedia.
  • Lead active lifestyles and report they regularly experience challenging listening situations involving noise and distance.
  • Are current hearing aid users who still struggle to understand and communicate in challenging situations.
  • Are withdrawing from social situations.

Introducing Roger to Patients

Both Cunningham and Robison agree that the best way to introduce what Roger technology can do for your patients is with a live demonstration.

“A live demonstration efficiently shows patients the value of using Roger,” added Robison. “During the counseling process, a demonstration of the recommended solution shows how Roger microphones address the patient’s needs.”

Involving partners, children and significant others as much as possible provides additional support to experience and examine the recommended solution, she added.

“A Roger system can expose a child to 11 more words/minute. That’s 5,300 extra words a day!” —Rebekah Cunningham, Ph.D., Phonak Business Development Manager, Pediatrics

With pediatric patients, discuss with parents or caregivers the importance of surrounding a child within a language-rich environment.

“Ears are the doorway to the brain, and when there is a doorway problem, the child needs hearing instruments to help him/her access more words,” said Cunningham. “A Roger system can expose a child to 11 more words/minute. That’s 5,300 extra words a day!”

Do you want to expand your knowledge about Roger technology? Looking for additional ideas on how to communicate the benefits to patients? Click here for a list of Phonak educational materials that will help.

Jo-El Grossman

Jo-El Grossman is currently the Communications & Content Manager for Phonak U.S. Although she joined the company in October 2017, she brings her skills as an accomplished, creative and qualified marketing and editorial leader with a multi-media background.