Roger for Education

Provide Live, Automated Captions to Students With Hearing Loss

Helping students understand in the modern classroom is critical — and not always easy. Our Roger for Education portfolio can improve understanding through ear level solutions, Soundfield solutions and now through classroom speech-to-text solutions.

Learn more about using Roger with speech-to-text vendors, like Microsoft and Interact Streamer. The partnership of our technology and their software can provide live, automated captions to your students with hearing loss.

What Is It?

By connecting a Phonak Roger™ MyLink receiver into a student’s or classroom’s computer, students can receive live, automated captions. The voice of a teacher or peer using Roger microphone technology is transmitted to third-party software to create automated captions.

Students can follow the lesson on their personal computer, mobile device or a classroom’s white board. Benefits include:

  • Live, automated captions for your teaching session
  • Automated speech-to-text notes and a “history” of what was said
  • Translations in more than 60 languages
  • Use with PowerPoint software or the web-based PowerPoint app

Each captioning service will interact with your computer or tablet slightly differently, so partnering with your school’s IT department will be important.

Is It the Right Fit for Your Classroom?

You’ll need to evaluate the trade-offs based on your school’s budget and student’s requirements. Live, automated captioning services may have a higher error rate than the human transcribed alternative, but often are at a fraction of the fee or even free.

Vendors to consider

Here are a couple vendors you might consider: