Audiology Ambassadors
Our audiology team wants to hear what you feel is important in the hearing care industry.

Pushing the Hearing Care Field Forward

Helping people with hearing loss live a life without limitations is our passion at Phonak. This drives us to look at many aspects of audiology that we believe push the hearing care field forward.

Eight ambassadors for audiology met for a three-day strategic retreat on May 21-23. “Our goal was to evaluate all of our projects and initiatives to identify the main topics that would be most valuable for hearing care professionals,” said Christine Jones, Phonak Vice President of Audiology.

The Future of Successful Hearing Care

Audiology Ambassadors Image
Our team discussed topics that will be essential to the future of successful hearing care.

Led by Jones, attendees included Shannon Basham, Kailen Berry, Brandy Heckroodt, Nikolas Klalow, Nicole Klutz, Paul Kramer and Lori Rakita. Many of the topics discussed will be essential to the future of successful hearing care.

“It is our job to test and learn so that we understand what works,” said Jones. “In this workshop, we identified those areas we have been exploring that we believe will be the most impactful in the future of professional hearing care.”

Sharing Key Learnings

With information in hand, it’s time for Phonak to share our work and learnings in several strategic thought leadership areas with hearing care professionals in the field.

“In the next 12 months, we will be going out into the field sharing key learnings in the areas of eAudiology, Family Centered Care, healthy hearing as a gateway to healthy aging, and more,” she added. “We are very much looking forward to engaging with and learning from you on these topics!”

Moving Forward

Every six months the audiology leadership team will reconvene to assess how we can be the best partners to hearing care professionals in the field.

“Please give us your feedback,” she added. “The Phonak Audiology Research Center and the Audiology Ambassador team is here to support you! Our success is measured by your success, and together we will change lives.”



Jo-El Grossman

Jo-El Grossman is currently the Communications & Content Manager for Phonak U.S. Although she joined the company in October 2017, she brings her skills as an accomplished, creative and qualified marketing and editorial leader with a multi-media background.