Phonak TV Connector, Phonak Marvel™ and Kids

The Phonak TV Connector is a simple plug-and-play solution for kids wearing Phonak Marvel. It delivers top-rated streamed sound quality while watching shows, playing video games, listening to music and so much more. It uses Phonak proprietary AirStreamTM Technology, which offers extra-long streaming time!

Do you have questions on how Phonak TV Connector connects Marvel and kids together? We have answers!

What Does Plug and Play Mean?

When the TV Connector is powered and plugged into the TV, tablet, school white board or other electronics, it automatically finds compatible devices that are within 3 feet of the TV Connector.

If the Phonak Marvel hearing aid is out of range when the TV Connector is connected to the audio source, you simply press the connect button on the TV Connector.

What Are the Parts of the TV Connector?

TV Connector Parts

1. Connect button

2. Indicator light (LED)

3. microUSB power socket

4. Audio socket for Toslink (optical) and 3.5 mm jack

What Do the TV Connector Indicator Lights Mean?

TV Connector_ Indicator Lights

If you need demo hearing aids or demo Roger microphones for your hospital or practice, reach out to your Phonak representative. We’re here to help provide the materials and information needed to empower parents!