Bridge Time and Distance With Phonak Remote Support

The first-fit experience is just the beginning of a patient’s journey toward a positive hearing solution. Follow-up visits and having support from your practice also play a vital role. Time and distance are two main factors that might hold your patients back from visiting you. You now have an online resource to eliminate those factors with Phonak Remote Support.

Part of eSolutions, Phonak Remote Support allows you to assist and support your patients’ hearing needs by providing remote hearing aid adjustments in real-time. It will help you to stay connected with your patients to provide efficient and effective service. It’s also an added value you can offer to prospective patients.

“As the population changes, more and more people will want their healthcare solutions sooner and services done when it’s convenient for them,” said Robin Mock, Au.D., from the Concierge Hearing Group, California.

Check out reasons why Phonak Remote Support can be a benefit to both your practice and your patients, as well as tips to implement the tool.

eHealth Rising

eHealth is a growing segment and regarded as the future for health care services. This trend within healthcare is driven by cost, user behavior and ever-advancing technological capabilities.

The shift to eAudiology is based on innovative technologies and services. It refers to the entire suite of technologies and services that enable remote provision of audiologic care at each stage along the patient journey. These tools offer great potential to alter existing service delivery models and improve overall access to services.

Tania Williams, Au.D., from the Brentwood Hearing Center, Tennessee, said her patients have already begun to embrace Phonak Remote Support. “They love the flexibility. Plus it saves them time and money, because they don’t have to take off work or travel from home,” she added.

Remote Support Benefits All Patients

Mock and Williams said Phonak Remote Support would benefit all patient types, including patients who:

  • May have difficulty getting a ride to appointments
  • Are not very mobile
  • Embrace technology
  • Have challenging work schedules
  • Travel frequently

Scheduling Time

According to Denise Testa, Au.D., CCC/A, FAAA, from the Aultman Medical Group, Ohio, Phonak Remote Support won’t diminish the six-month appointments for her patients. “We schedule these appointments just like our in-office ones; however, they’re just 15 minutes, which denotes that it is remote,” she added.

Testa plans to unbundle Phonak Remote Support into a service plan. “My patients still need to have their three- and six-month visits,” she said. “Remote support is an added value for a quick tune-up.”

Growth for the Future

According to Williams, Phonak Remote Support will continue to have a positive impact on her practice. “It’s definitely a time-saving tool that will intrigue more people to come through our doors, especially those who might live farther away,” she said. “Plus, a lot of younger patients will select Phonak Remote Support, because they live in such a fast-paced world.”

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Jo-El Grossman

Communications & Content Manager

Jo-El Grossman is currently Communications & Content Manager for Phonak U.S. Although she joined the company in October 2017, she brings her skills as an accomplished, creative and qualified marketing and editorial leader with a multi-media background.