HearPhonak.com Mythbusters

Hearing Experts Address Common Misbeliefs in Mythbusters Series

Hearing Experts Address Common (Mis-)beliefs in Mythbusters Series Hearing loss impacts more than just the patient experiencing the hearing issues. Evidence shows that treatment outcomes are better when family members are involved; however, there’s a low percentage of family and friends actually brought in to the hearing healthcare process. A group of hearing health industry […]

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Phonak Batteries

Stock Up on Batteries With Phonak

  Stock Up on Batteries With Phonak Why should your patients go elsewhere for batteries when they can get them from you? The same holds true for your practice. Why should you go anywhere else for batteries when you can purchase them from us? Phonak offers a selection of quality battery brands, including PowerOne, Rayovac […]

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The Pulse Newsletter

We are in this together

We are in this together This is my first holiday season with Phonak, and I have experienced a great first year getting to know the Phonak team in Warrenville, Illinois, our HQ team in Stäfa, Switzerland, and our hearing care professionals throughout the U.S. I’m so proud to be part of a dedicated and passionate […]

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Phonak Audéo B-Direct Commercial

Customize new Audéo B-Direct commercial

Many hearing care professionals have asked for a customizable, broadcast-ready television commercial and a digital format for their websites and social media to communicate to patients that Audéo B-Direct is the only direct-connect solution for all Bluetooth-enabled cellphones. The brand-new “Seamless” TV commercial and digital format are now ready for you to use. Getting started […]

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Phonak Rechargeable Cases

Mirrored stickers available

Mirrored stickers available for Phonak Charging Cases Mirrored stickers for Phonak Charing Cases are now available to order for free on the Phonak Store. You can fit the stickers into chargers your existing patients own. Available in multiples of 8, use part number 025-1178. Please only order what is needed for your patients. Newly delivered […]

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