New Phonak T-coil Models Offer Universal Connectivity

By Nicole Klutz, Au.D., Phonak Audiology Manager Phonak-T-Coil-hearphonak

Phonak is committed to provide leading hearing technology without compromise. With Phonak Audéo™ Marvel, hearing care providers can feel confident offering a love-at-first-sound experience with the only hearing solution available that is truly universally connected.

As of February 2019, our Marvel family has grown to include t-coil models.

Family Expansion

Phonak Marvel™takes universal connectivity to the next level with Audéo M-312T and 13T, by combining the foundational technology of universal access utilizing a telecoil with the highly advanced SWORD™ 3.0 chip technological innovations.

Your patients will now be able to experience universal connectivity in whichever way they chose.

Connect to Community

Patients wearing the new Audéo Marvel t-coil models can universally connect in their communities through loops or induction technology, allowing them to socially thrive and engage.

From airport announcements to theater, your patients don’t have to worry about missing critical information or the full social experience. And when going home, they can continue to stream technology at home in their private lives, connecting them to family and friends.

Audéo Marvel is the only solution to offer wireless access to all facets of your patient’s life, both publicly and personally.

Small in Size, Packed in Power

Patients still desire a discreet hearing solution without compromising on hearing performance. Audéo Marvel continues to deliver on that desire!

The new Phonak Audéo Marvel telecoil models remain small and discreet — with the Audéo M-13T maintaining a similar size of the Audéo M-312T, while offering an increased battery life with a size 13 battery.

Numerous hearing solutions available today have removed telecoil options in the effort to eliminate size of internal components. Phonak remains committed to offering industry-leading technological advancements without requiring a compromise for both patients and hearing healthcare providers.


Nicole Klutz

Nicole joined Phonak in 2013. Originally from the East Coast, she grew up in Maine and moved to the Midwest in 2009 to complete graduate schooling at Western Michigan University in Kalamazoo. An avid outdoors enthusiast, Nicole spends a majority of her free time in the water, woods or on the road traveling with her two dogs and husband. As a part of the audiology team at Phonak, Nicole enjoys spending time teaching and training on new products and their benefits as well as continuing to build upon the audiological foundation of Phonak.