Phonak Fun AODC

Local School Kids Get Hands-on Learning About Hearing Aids 

Our mission is to reconnect people to the beauty of sound. When you get to see that mission first-hand, life is on.  

On January 15, 2018, approximately 30 students, teachers and chaperones from Illinois School District 70 visited the Aurora Operations and Distribution Center (AODC) in Aurora, Illinois. Each student has some form of hearing loss.  

“I develop events three to four times a year for hard of hearing kids in the county as I am passionate about them meeting and building relationships with other kids ‘just like them!’” said Tracy Aleckson, Hearing Itinerant Teacher from Illinois School District 70. “I thought it would be neat if the students could see how things happen as most use Phonak technology in the educational setting.”   

Future Team Members 

After a quick welcome with delicious doughnuts and snacks, the kids broke into groups of four. Each group worked on a different activity, which included: 

  1. Create an ear impression; 
  1. Assemble a BTE hearing aid; and 
  1. View the inside of an ear using an otoscope. 

“The kids were interested in each activity, and they were so smart,” said Amy Navar, Phonak U.S. Customer Care Representative III. “They already knew so much about how the ear worked, how you really hear with the brain and how ear wax protects the ear. It was really refreshing to have them visit.”  

A Gift to Remember 

When the tour and activities were over, each child received a goodie bag that included Leo the Lion stuffed animal, pediatric care kit, stickers, Tootsie Rolls and more.  

“My heart is full,” said Aleckson. “Seeing how excited and in awe they were said it all. I received several emails from parents afterwards sharing their gratitude for having the opportunity for their child to attend.” 

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