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Help Hearing Health Be a Priority Through Your Marketing

Did you know that life/self-improvement is the No. 2 New Year’s resolution*? Now while most people will be planning on joining a gym or cutting down on calories, it will be up to you to help them consider making their hearing health a priority.

“Those with hearing impairments may not have hearing healthcare top of mind,” said Linda Hraha, Phonak Customer Marketing Specialist. “When they see your ad in a newspaper or maybe read a direct mail piece, it will make them stop and think, ‘Oh, yeah, I was having trouble hearing the grandkids during Christmas.’ That’s when they’ll take action with you.”

Here’s how using Phonak integrated marketing campaigns this winter can be an easy solution to communicate with prospective patients and promote good hearing health.

The importance of a good marketing campaign

“Many hearing care professionals are under the impression that everyone knows them in the area, so there’s no need to use marketing campaigns,” said Hraha. “That’s not true.”

Hraha also added that if you’re not marketing your practice, you’re competitors certainly are.

“Pay close attention to what’s happening in your community as far as competitor advertising,” she said. “Your competitor’s marketing will be top of mind with the consumers in your community, if you don’t advertise your business.”

A simple solution

We can create the marketing pieces you need — including direct mail, newspaper, social and digital consumer advertising tools — for you to promote your practice and Phonak hearing aids in your marketplace.

“All marketing templates can be customized with the practice information,” said Hraha. “Plus, we can also assist accounts with building a comprehensive marketing calendar to help strengthen the hearing care professional’s visibility in their community as a well-established, reputable practice.”

Our marketing templates can be viewed on We know our hearing care professionals are very busy, so we also have an online marketing center available 24/7.

“Check with your customer marketing specialist or outside sales rep to see if you have marketing dollars available to run a campaign,” suggested Hraha.

Select the right campaign for you

It’s a very exciting time for Phonak with the Audéo B-R, which offers convenience and performance, as well the Made For All Audéo B-Direct, the first and only hearing aid that connects easily Bluetooth-enabled smartphone. And, you can build on the excitement within your community.

We have created multi-media marketing campaigns to help you spread the word about these amazing products in your marketplace.

In addition to campaigns around New Years and Valentine’s Day, Hraha suggests a community seminar to invite your community to learn more about hearing health and loss or using the Dinner and a Movie campaign.

“Whichever campaign you select, make it well-rounded,” she said. “Your message needs to be consistent and getting out there to where the consumers are looking, meaning print, social and digital.”

In addition to maximizing a well-rounded campaign, Hraha stresses using call tracking. “It’s a valuable resource for you to monitor the marketing campaign effectiveness, so that you can spend your marketing dollars on the best-performing tools and not repeat campaigns that aren’t generating a reaction in your community,” she said.

We’re here to help

According to Hraha, we can help from start to finish. This includes counseling and strategizing on building a comprehensive marketing plan, to scheduling actual marketing events targeting new patients as well as keeping in touch with current patients.

“We create the marketing campaigns and follow through to execution,” she said.

Once you’ve launched one marketing campaign this winter, you’ll see how simple it can be to make hearing health a priority in your community. You’ll then want to keep up the momentum.

“Consistency with marketing is very important and plays a key role to your continued success,” said Hraha. “You need to market, at minimum, on a quarterly basis to build awareness as well as establish your practice.”

The Phonak Customer Marketing Team is ready to assist you with spreading the word about hearing health and to market your business this winter. Reach out to your outside sales representative for more information or call the customer marketing team at 800-777-7333 ext. 6.

*Statistic Brain Research Institute.