From the Desk of Scott Witt, Phonak Director, Product Management

Simplifying Life With Smart Technology

Scott Witt
Scott Witt, Phonak Director, Product Management

Smart technology is everywhere. Your cell phone adjusts the temperature of your home or turns on your lights when you’re not there. Your fridge tells you when you need milk. Try on outfits virtually without going to a clothing rack. And, a little round disc will tell you the capital of South Dakota when you ask it.

Yes, smart technology is everywhere, and your patients have come to accept it and expect it. So it only makes sense that they experience it with their hearing aids. With the recent completion of the Belong™ platform, we took a strong hearing technology foundation and built upon it smart solutions. From rechargeable hearing aids to direct connect, we simplify life for the fitter and every patient they fit.

The Belong extension expands into power and pediatrics: two areas where Phonak has long-standing commitment and research. There are approximately 36 million people worldwide who live with severe to profound hearing loss.1 Now in its fifth generation, Naída B was specifically developed to address your patients’ unique and complex listening needs.

And speaking to unique listening needs, we know that children are not small adults. Research tells us that providing children with optimal hearing solutions or “doorway opening devices” from an early age directly impacts how well they will succeed.2 Sky™ B along with proven Roger technology opens obstructed “doorways” and provides the clear sound quality needed to unlock children’s full potential and ensure they succeed.

But even with all the high-end hearing technology, if it isn’t easy, your patients might not use it or think about learning more about hearing health. With Phonak rechargeable hearing aids, you are able to offer your patients a convenient and reliable hearing aid no matter their age or degree of hearing loss without compromise.

Smart technology is all around us, making life simpler. Your patients want to have the freedom to hear life to its fullest. With the Belong platform, you have hearing aid options that are packed with innovation and smart technology that your patients can rely on.



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