With the new Warranty Expiration Report, identifying patients with expiring hearing aid warranties just got easier. Retrieve the information through the online report and then reach out to your patients to either extend the warranty or recommend a new device.

New report features

Located under the My Account tab on the Phonak store, you can:

  • View devices under warranty.
  • See recommended hearing aid devices for your patients.
  • Export list of expiring warranties into Excel.
  • Download a letter to customize and send to patients about their upcoming warranty or new purchase opportunities.
  • Purchase extended warranties or new devices.

Warranty information is as easy as 1-2-3

To find a list, simply:

  1. Select a date range;
  2. Click Retrieve to see the list and available options; and
  3. Export warranty expiration list into Excel.

Try the Warranty Expiration Report now or learn more by watching the brand-new training video.

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