Phonak TV Connector, Phonak Marvel and Kids

Phonak TV Connector, Phonak Marvel™ and Kids The Phonak TV Connector is a simple plug-and-play solution for kids wearing Phonak Marvel. It delivers top-rated streamed sound quality while watching shows, playing video games, listening to music and so much more. It uses Phonak proprietary AirStreamTM Technology, which offers extra-long streaming time! Do you have questions […]

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What are the digital demands of Gen Z?

Smart and Switched on: Gen Z hearing aid wearers Today’s teens are digital natives, and they need connectivity. Generation Z is the world’s first generation of true “digital natives,” and to them, a smartphone is not a piece of technology, but simply, part of life. They don’t know a world without high-speed internet and social […]

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January 2019 Tips & Tricks

Provide Live, Automated Captions to Students With Hearing Loss Helping students understand in the modern classroom is critical — and not always easy. Our Roger for Education portfolio can improve understanding through ear level solutions, Soundfield solutions and now through classroom speech-to-text solutions. Learn more about using Roger with speech-to-text vendors, like Microsoft and Interact […]

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October Peds Tips and Tricks

How Does SoundRecover2 Help Children and Teens?

How Does SoundRecover2 Help Children and Teens? Whether 13 months or 13 years, everything in a child’s world is novel. Having clear access to speech sounds is critical. SoundRecover2 provides as much high-frequency audibility as possible for children and teens. And unlike other manufacturers’ high-frequency compression strategies, you do not need to turn off other advanced […]

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Hearing impaired Toddler

Give Children Access to More Spoken Language With Roger

Give Children Access to More Spoken Language With Roger It’s critical to provide early and immediate access to sound after a hearing loss is identified. Here are three tips to help your pediatric patients get ready for school using Roger technology. To be ready for school, a child needs 45 million words   Everything in a […]

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