Update on Lyric Point-of-sale Locator

Update on Lyric Point-of-Sale Locator Every six months we review the activity of our Lyric offices and update the Phonak.com point-of-sale (POS) locator to reflect any changes. The designations that are used are based upon the Lyric Business Manual, supporting the Lyric Authorized Office Agreement outlined in section 2.12, Authorized Lyric Performance Levels. Patients Finding […]

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New Lyric Marketing Materials Available

New Lyric Marketing Materials Available Our popular “contact lens” image has now been updated with two image options to use in your advertising and promotional pieces. Plus, a wide range of advertising materials, including newspaper ads and direct mail pieces, have been developed. You can refresh your website by downloading the Lyric Web Sit to […]

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Phonak Welcomed Lyric Providers

Phonak Welcomed Lyric Providers Phonak team members were delighted to welcome some enthusiastic Lyric providers to Naperville, Illinois, in May for our second Lyric Premier Meeting this year. During this three-day event, attendees participated in thought-provoking, educational sessions and engaged in peer-to-peer discussion with some of our top Lyric providers from around the country. Guest […]

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Market Lyric™ With Celebrity Power

Market Lyric™ With Celebrity Power We are delighted to be working with Gunnar Peterson, celebrity personal trainer and Lyric hearing aid wearer, to help promote the benefits of Phonak Lyric as well as to raise awareness of hearing loss. Gunnar’s experience with Lyric has been life-changing for him and his family, and he is passionate about […]

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Introducing the Lyric Training Ear!

Introducing the Lyric Training Ear! Your Phonak Clinical Trainer has a new resource to assist you with your Lyric fittings. The Lyric Training Ear was designed to support you in the Lyric sizing/insertion process. It can also help show and describe some common techniques and how they impact the ear canal. If you answer, “Yes,” […]

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