5 Tips for Summer Hearing Aid Care

By Nicole Klutz, Au.D., Phonak Audiology Manager

Summer is finally here, which means a lot of fun, outdoor activities. Before hitting the barbecue, beach or backyard, here are five tips to help you take better care of your hearing aids this season. Summer and Hearing Aids Image

1. Dry Them Out!

Summer is a hot and humid season — causing more moisture to be in the air and on our bodies. When you take your hearing aids out at night, use a dry aid kit to help draw any moisture out of them. If you don’t have a dry aid kit, give them a good look before going to bed and wipe away any moisture you can see.

2. Let’s Hit the Beach

Beach sand can get into your ears and into your hearing aid. Wipe down your hearing aids, earmold and domes with a small bristle brush to ensure all of the dirt, dust and sand is removed.

3. Feeling a Bit More Waxy?

Ear wax is a protective mechanism to keep our ear canals healthy and keep anything that shouldn’t be in there  out. With summer fun, moisture and humidity, it is not common for wax production to increase during this season. Make sure to keep your hearing aid clean and as wax free as possible to ensure you’re hearing the best.

4. Before You Dive Right In…

Take your hearing aids out when you’re swimming in the pool or at the beach. While your hearing aids might be water resistant, they are not waterproof.

5. Sunscreen vs. Hearing Aids

Sunscreen is made up of oils, which can rub up against your hearing aid if you’re putting it on your face, head and neck. Put sunscreen on before wearing your hearing aid to reduce the chance of sunscreen getting on the microphones or into the battery compartment.


Nicole Klutz

Nicole joined Phonak in 2013. Originally from the East Coast, she grew up in Maine and moved to the Midwest in 2009 to complete graduate schooling at Western Michigan University in Kalamazoo. An avid outdoors enthusiast, Nicole spends a majority of her free time in the water, woods or on the road traveling with her two dogs and husband. As a part of the audiology team at Phonak, Nicole enjoys spending time teaching and training on new products and their benefits as well as continuing to build upon the audiological foundation of Phonak.