Summer Activities and Hearing Aids

5 Tips For Healthy Hearing This Summer

By Nicole Klutz, Au.D., Phonak Audiology Manager

Your skin isn’t the only body part that needs protecting this summer. With loud summer activities as well as sand, sun and surf, your ears put up with a lot. Be kind to your hearing this season using these five tips.

1. Turn Up the Volume … on Just Fun

Summer is the time of outdoor concerts, festivals and fireworks. Be thoughtful of your ears and wear hearing protection to protect your ears. Don’t worry – you won’t miss out on the fun.

2.  Let It Flow … Let It Flow

Warm weather means more time in the water. When swimming or enjoying the beach, you may get water in your ears. Make sure to allow the water to flow out of your ear by tilting your head to the side. The water will eventually evaporate and should not require further attention.

3. Keep the Diggin’ to the Dirt

Outdoor activities may mean more dirt, dust and sand in your ears. Don’t try to dig anything out of your ear canal. It will produce wax to help get anything that’s not supposed to be in there out. So, keep the cotton swab outta there.

4. Keep ’em Covered

Outdoor recreational activities increase and so does the sound. If you are participating in loud outdoor activities — such as riding a motorcycle, traveling on off-road vehicles, or even just mowing the lawn  — protect your hearing by using earplugs to keep noise levels safe.

5. No Gain if Pain

Water, sand and sun shouldn’t hurt. If your ears are itchy, irritated or painful after a fun summer event, then it may be time to see your doctor to make sure your ear canal is clear of debris and healthy.

Nicole Klutz

Nicole joined Phonak in 2013. Originally from the East Coast, she grew up in Maine and moved to the Midwest in 2009 to complete graduate schooling at Western Michigan University in Kalamazoo. An avid outdoors enthusiast, Nicole spends a majority of her free time in the water, woods or on the road traveling with her two dogs and husband. As a part of the audiology team at Phonak, Nicole enjoys spending time teaching and training on new products and their benefits as well as continuing to build upon the audiological foundation of Phonak.