Fall Hearing Tips

By Carlie Wysocke, Phonak Marketing Coordinator

With fall in full swing, you might be participating in different seasonal activities. Along with a flurry of activity comes the potential of doing harm to your ears. Use our three tips to protect your hearing during this cooler season, so your ears remain healthy.

1. Be a Fan of Earplugs

Do you have football or hockey season tickets? When cheering on your favorite team, remember to bring hearing protection. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, about 70% of people exposed to loud noise never or seldom wear hearing protection. Repeat exposure to loud noises can eventually damage the inner ear permanently. So be kind to your ears as you cheer!

Find a hearing Healthcare Provider2. Keep ’em Covered

Your ears have just a thin layer of skin protecting the nerves in the ear canal. When the temperature drops below 59 degrees, exposed ears can become susceptible to damage, and you might even feel a sharp pain in your ear canal. Before you go outside, make sure to wear a hat or earmuffs to keep them warm during the chilly weather.

3. Take a Rest

Spent time on your motorcycle enjoying a late-in-the-season drive through tree-lined streets? Or, maybe you used your leaf blower to clean up your yard? If you notice your ears are ringing during use, it’s time to take a break. Pull over or turn off your yard equipment to let your ears recover. Plus, make sure you are wearing protective hearing gear.

Want to learn more about your own hearing health? Let us connect you to a trusted Phonak hearing health care provider.

Carlie Wysocke

Carlie Wysocke is currently the Marketing Coordinator for Phonak U.S. As part of the Marketing department at Phonak, she provides support on projects for numerous teams, including Communications, Customer Marketing and Corporate Events.